FAS Expert and GMU adjunct Charles Blair on Syria

Charles Blair,  the Senior Fellow on State and Non-State Threats at the Federation of American Scientists and GMU Adjunct faculty member has been quoted extensively in the news on the unfolding situation in Syria. With President Obama discussing the  possibility of US military intervention at this morning’s press conference, the implications of the use of chemical weapons by Assad are starting to ripple across the international community.

(Image credit: Freedom House)

In the last couple weeks Mr. Blair has been quoted, appeared, or penned pieces in CNN, the BBC, Reuters, the New Scientists, Russia TV Cross Talk, Voice of America, NPR, Foreign Policy, and the Christian Science Monitor (all available here). Here’s our favorite excerpt, from a CNN piece published today:

“The Obama administration’s distressing use of a ‘red line’ for tripping unspecified significant action contradicts its long-held belief that intervention in Syria would only make matters worse. In the context of ensuring Syria’s chemical arsenal remains in the custody of responsible parties, the limits to outside intervention are obvious. Absent a massive and prompt invasion by capable foreign forces to secure the hundreds or, more likely, thousands of tons of chemical warfare agents and armed chemical munitions scattered around the al-Assad regime’s shrinking areas of control, the West (including Israel) has limited military options.”

(read the full piece here)

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