Alumni Publications

We’re proud of our GMU Biodefense alumni and love to showcase their work within the community!

October 2016GMU Biodefense Student Awarded Center for Global Security Research Internship
We’re very proud to announce that GMU Biodefense PhD student and Presidential Scholar, Yong-Bee Lim, will be starting a six-month internship with the Center for Global Security Research (CGSR) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. CGSR  focuses on the nexus of science and technology (S&T) and policy to provide fresh insights for understanding and addressing important national security issues. They work to identify whether and how technically-based approaches can address new challenges to national and international security. Congrats Yong-Bee!

GMU Biodefense PhD alum, Dr. Daniel M. Gerstein, is discussing the challenges of nuclear nonproliferation in US News & World Report. He points to the vulnerability of international nuclear nonproliferation and how this U.S. national security strategy is “teetinger on a dangerous precipice.” What can the U.S. do? Between North Korea’s recent nuclear and missile tests and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s halting of the bilateral Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement with the U.S., the stakes are progressively getting higher. Gerstein notes that new national programs tend to focus on deterrence against regional adversaries and terrorist interest in acquisition of nuclear capabilities hasn’t waned, but rather the interest has grown as proliferation challenges become chronic.

January 2016 – Congrats to GMU Biodefense MS alum, Francisco Cruz, on his acceptance as a fellow in UPMC’s 2016 Class of Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative (ELBI)

December 2015 – GMU Biodefense PhD alum, Dr. Daniel M. Gerstein, discusses biopreparedness and where the US stands in US News  & World Report. With his in-depth analysis, Dr. Gerstein emphasizes the importance of US leadership within the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). Pointing to the disappointing Seventh and Eighth Review Conferences, Dr. Gerstein notes, “biological warfare can no longer be considered the purview of only state actors. And this democratization of biotechnology means that the world is literally one rogue microbiologist away from a potentially devastating biological attack.” Dr. Gerstein’s points out that we often fail to realize that biological weapons may not act like naturally occurring diseases or outbreaks.

November 2015 – GMU Biodefense alum, Daniel M. Gerstein, was recently published by US News regarding his commentary on the 11/13/2015 Paris attacks and US preparedness. Dr. Gerstein discusses how the Paris attacks are a threat reminder and that it’s “only a matter of time before these extremists might attempt an attack here in the US”. Through his analysis of preparedness and the role of DHS, Dr. Gerstein emphasizes that Americans must continue to live their lives while increasing vigilance.

October 2015 – GMU Biodefense adjunct professor and alum, Dr. Brian Mazanec’s The Evolution of Cyber War: International Norms for Emerging-Technology Weapons was recently published! In his book, Dr. Mazanec discusses the crippling realities of cyber terrorism and uses case studies in Estonia, Georgia, and Iran to highlight the growing threat. He notes that, “And yet cyber warfare is still in its infancy, with innumerable possibilities and contingencies for how such conflicts may play out in the coming decades.” Dr. Mazanec expands on these evolving threats and how we can work to address them.