Biodefense Brown Bag Series


“WMD” Terrorism? Ricin, Boston, and Beyond

When: Thursday, May 9th 1:3o – 3:00 PM
Where: Public and International Affairs Conference Room, Room 251, Robinson Hall A, GMU

Join us for Biodefense Brown Bag discussion with the faculty and students from the GMU graduate program in Biodefense. What is ricin? How scared should we be about bioterrorism? Does ricin count as WMD? What about the pressure cooker bombs used by the Boston bombers? Should the U.S. government really be prosecuting Tsarnaev for using WMD? What is WMD and why does the answer matter?

We will discuss these and other important questions – bring your lunch and bring your questions!

For more info email Siddha Hover,

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