Bragging About Our Faculty: Round VII

(image credit Issac Shepherd)
(image credit Issac Shepherd)

GMU Biodefense Faculty member Dr. Gregory Koblentz, who is also the Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, was interviewed by Executive Magazine for a piece on Syrian chemical weapons:

“’The United States and other nations have issued strong statements to deter the Assad regime from using chemical weapons. It is hard to think of how the Assad regime could use chemical weapons where the benefits outweigh the costs,’ says Gregory Koblentz, a proliferation and terrorism expert at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Indeed, the use of chemical weapons has become understood as the “red line” that would prompt western military intervention in the Syrian conflict. One possible situation for chemical weapons use, however, is if the regime is on the verge of collapse, says Koblentz. In such a scenario, ‘these rational cost-benefit calculations may not apply.’ But then again, ‘the issue becomes whether [Assad’s] order can be transmitted to chemical weapons-armed units in the field and if those orders would be obeyed.’ ”

Read the full piece here

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