GMU PhD recent grad publishes paper in Bioterrorism & Biodefense

Dr. Steve Medley, recent GMU Biodefense PhD graduate, has co-authored his first paper with GMU professor Dr. Monique Van Hoek and others, entitled “Transfer and Reaerosolization of Biological Contaminant following Field Technician Servicing of an Aerosol Sampler”. The paper was published in the journal Bioterrorism and Biodefense. Dr. Medley is working on two other papers with Dr. Van Hoek.

The entire paper is available through open access, but here’s an excerpt:

“Aerosol contaminants deposited on a surface are transferred by two primary means–direct surface contact and reaerosolization. When a surface contaminated with deposited aerosol is contacted, a portion of the particulate material will be transferred. The amount transferred is dependent upon several factors, with amount of pressure applied, static charge, moisture levels, contact frequency, contact motion, particle size and surface roughness being among the most significant [1]. Once particles are transferred to the clothing and/or gloves of a person, deposited particles may reaerosolize by several mechanisms, such as vibration and air flow [2]. As mentioned, physical characteristics of the surface and particles, as well as the environmental conditions, will affect reaerosolization potential. With the multitude of variables, it is difficult to predict the amount (or fraction) of contaminant that will be transferred.”

Download the full paper here!

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