Spike in H7N9 Cases Elicit new warnings

From Shanghai Daily – “At least 31 people died from H7N9 bird flu in China this year, the government announced yesterday, while health experts predicted more H7N9 cases in the near future. A total of 127 human H7N9 cases have been confirmed so far this year, with Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces the worst affected, according to a statement by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. The number is almost as high as for the whole of last year, when China had 144 confirmed cases, including 46 deaths. The commission said that there will continue to be sporadic reports of H7N9 infections. Flu viruses are seasonal and the first human cases emerged in February 2013, so that the outbreak did not encompass all of last winter. It has reignited fears that a bird flu virus could mutate to become easily transmissible between people, threatening a pandemic.”

Read more here.

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