This Week in DC: Events

Monday, February 24th

Corruption and Business in Russia: National Problem, Regional Solutions
Wilson Center
9:15 AM

There is a perception that it is not possible to do business in Russia without engaging in corruption. While corruption in Russia is a fact of life, individual businesses are employing a range of strategies to reduce their exposure and give them access to international partners. The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and the Kennan Institute present expert findings on this timely issue. Jordan Gans-Morse, an assistant professor of political science at Northwestern University, will present his research on how non-oligarchic firms are surviving in an atmosphere of endemic corruption. The firms’ coping mechanisms and the means they use to settle business disputes shed light on the course of Russia’s future economic development. Based on extensive field research, Gans-Morse is at work on a book about law, property rights, and corruption in Russia. CIPE Moscow Program Officer Natalya L. Titova will speak on a CIPE initiative in Russia that is helping regional business to meet international anti-corruption standards in order to join international value chains.

The Future of Land Power and U.S. Ground Forces
Brookings Institution
10:00 AM

Following the prolonged ground war in Iraq, and the continued International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) presence in Afghanistan, the United States military is shifting focus from large invasion forces to other strategies for handling threats. Additionally, cuts to the military are reshaping ideas for power projection and the use of force. Cooperation among branches of the military will be critical in the time ahead, and the United States must continue to plan for the possibility of land conflict, whether we want to be involved or not. On February 24, the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at Brookings will hold an event on the future of land power and U.S. ground forces. The first panel will consist of Major General William Hix and Major General Christopher Haas, both of the U.S. Army, Colonel Jim Zientek of the U.S. Marine Corps, and Brookings Senior Fellow Peter W. Singer. Major Generals Hix and Haas, and Colonel Zientek, served on a recent military task force created to develop strategic land power concepts for U.S. ground forces. The event’s second panel will include Commanding General of the Maneuver Center of Excellence Major General H.R. McMaster, Brookings Senior Fellow Michael O’Hanlon, and Brookings Senior Fellow William Galston who is also a retired U.S. Marine. They will offer their unique perspectives on the future of land power.

Event 1: Atoms for Dream: Holding the American Umbrella in the Atomic Driving Rain
U.S.-Japan Research Institute
10:00 AM

On March 11, 2011 the expansion of the nuclear accident definitively signaled the end of our ‘Bountiful Postwar’. This incident was the result of the economic growth that we ourselves demanded. In Postwar Japan, before we realized it, nuclear energy was transformed from the fear or radiation exposure into an object of hope, and received as a symbol of dreams and peace. In the context of the public’s everyday life and sense of society, how was this spectacle of a bright future desired and accepted? Taking as its object Postwar Japan’s embrace of nuclear energy, this talk will investigate the transition from ‘The nuclear powered sunshine’ of the Cold War Period to the ‘Radioactive Rain’ of the Post Cold War Period. The US-Japan relationship has always been the essential moment in this history. This talk will also show the sharp difference on the representations of nuclear energy in the Japanese and American popular culture.

Tuesday, February 25th

The State of the International Order
Brookings Institution
12:00 PM

On February 25, Foreign Policy at Brookings will launch “The State of the International Order,” a new report that examines the purposes of international order; takes a snapshot of major trends; and analyzes 11 key challenges to the order, ranging from great power security competition to changing dynamics of trade. The discussion will also address the debate taking shape in Washington regarding the future of American power and the role of the United States in the world. The panelists will include Brookings Senior Fellow Bruce Jones, Senior Fellow Robert Kagan, Fellow Thomas Wright and Visiting Fellow Jeremy Shapiro. Acting Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy Ted Piccone will moderate the discussion.

Africa Rising: Challenges and Opportunities for Developments

Florizelle Liser, professorial lecturer in the African Studies Program and assistant U.S. trade representative for Africa in the Office of the United States Trade Representative; Teddy Ruge, entrepreneur and co-founder of Universal Music Publishing Group, Hive Colab, and; and Kalmongo Coulibaly, economist at Overseas Private Investment Corporation, will discuss this topic.

Wednesday, February 26th

The NSA Scandal and the Future of Transatlantic Relations, a conversation with Dr. Jürgen Rüttgers
Georgetown BMW Center for German and European Studies
9:00 AM

Prime Minister (ret.) Dr. Jürgen Rüttgers is a member of the board of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Chairman of the board of Stiftung Bundeskanzler-Adenauer-Haus, member of the Council of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation and President of the German branch of the Jerusalem Foundation. He is currently working as an attorney and lecturing Political Science at Bonn University. Born in Cologne in 1951, he studied History and Law at Cologne University from which he holds an LL.D. (1979).

Hearing: International Wildlife Trafficking Threats to Conservation and National Security
House Committee on Foreign Affairs
10:00 AM

Chairman Royce on the hearing: “Wildlife trafficking is a global problem that criminal networks and even terrorists are profiting from. The black market for ivory and other illegal wildlife products is worth an estimated $10 billion, a market ideal to fund deadly terrorist attacks or weapons for rebel groups. Committee members will have an opportunity to press the Administration on its recently released National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking, specifically how the strategy will be implemented, and how it will provide the tools to better target wildlife criminals.”

Fighting Terrorism under the Rule of Law: The Israeli Experience
Heritage Foundation

“Since our country has been at war for over a decade, Americans are vaguely familiar with concepts like rules of engagement, friendly fire, and the law of armed conflict. Our collective knowledge is informed by anecdotes, movies, the news, and documentaries – most from a decidedly American-centric viewpoint. Join us as we hear from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Deputy Military Advocate General Colonel Eli Bar-On, as he discusses the challenges posed to his country by non-state actors and the phenomenon of asymmetrical warfare. A 20-year veteran of the IDF, Colonel Bar-On will share his experiences and thoughts on the application of the law of armed conflict and international law in order to preserve the lives of both civilians and soldiers alike on both sides of the battlefield. A former military prosecutor, defense counsel, judge, legal advisor, and Deputy Military Advocate General, Colonel Bar-On takes us inside the challenges and threats to his country, and how Israel fights terrorism under the rule of law.”

Thursday, February 27th

Asylum in Latin America & Snowden
DC Bar
12:00 PM

A moderated panel discussion and catered luncheon will be held from 12 pm to 2 pm at the D.C. Bar located at 1101 K St. NW, Washington, DC, 20005. The program is sponsored by the Inter-American Legal Affairs Committee of the International Law Section of the D.C. Bar and the Inter-American Bar Association. Panelists include American University Professor Shana Tabak, Journalist Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, and Bruce Zagaris, Esq., Partner at Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe, LLP. The program will be moderated by Henry Saint Dahl, Secretary General of the Inter-American Bar Foundation. This luncheon program is sponsored by the Inter-American Affairs Committee of the International Law Section, in cosponsorship with the Inter-American Bar Association.

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