“After SARS: A New Virus in Saudi Arabia Underscores the Need to Police Disease in Animals”

Good opinion piece on the need for greater animal health monitoring (most of the scariest pandemic threats are, in fact, zoonotic):

“Animal health gets just a fraction of the resources that human health does, which is why we are rarely able to detect new viruses before it’s too late and they’ve already crossed the species barrier. In the wake of SARS and the avian flu flare-ups over the past decade, however, that is beginning to change. I’ve written before about the virologist Nathan Wolfe and his Global Viral Forecasting group, which tries to use on-the-ground surveillance and computer modeling to predict when and where new viruses will emerge to threaten the human race. But there other groups working to police the boundaries between human and animal health, and one of them — the New York City–based EcoHealth Alliance — has a new paper out that demonstrates just how many unknown coronaviruses are out there, competing to be the next SARS.”

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