October Seminar Speaker Paul Walker Wins Swedish Rights Prize

Dr. Paul Walker, International Director of the Environmental Security and Sustainability (ESS) Program for Green Cross International (GCI), and our October Biodefense Policy Seminar Speaker, was awarded the Swedish Right Livelihood Award on Thursday for his lifelong work eliminating chemical weapons.

The award was founded by Swedish philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull, following refusal by the Nobel Foundation to honor efforts in international and environmental development.

Speaking about selecting Dr. Walker, Director of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation Ole von Uexxkul said, “Chemical weapons are easy to manufacture but very difficult to get rid of. Walker has 20 years of experience in how to eliminate them both politically and technically…It is his knowledge that is needed right now in Syria.”

Walker expressed delight at receiving the award, emphasizing the extreme urgency to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons and potential positive impact on the region. “Israel and Egypt, being neighbors of Syria, really feel pressure now to join the Chemical Weapons Convention. They don’t need the option of chemical weapons and should join the rest of the world,” he said.

Walker will be formally presented with the award at a ceremony in the Swedish parliament later this year.

GMU Biodefense will host Dr. Walker on October 16th at 7:20 PM. Join us for an extremely timely discussion on Syria and elimination of chemical weapons. For more information, please see here.

To find out more about the Right Livelihood Award, visit their website here.

(Image: Stockholm Environmental Institute)

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