Working on Ebola

Scientists at the University of Winnipeg in Canada have developed an Ebola treatment drug cocktail which has proven effective in 6 of seven monkeys (three cynomolgus and four rhesus) up to three days post infection. 

CTV – “The work builds on earlier research which showed a cocktail of three cloned antibodies saved four of four primates when given 24 hours after infection and two of four treated 48 hours after infection. This time the researchers added interferon-alpha, a chemical made by the immune system, to the treatment regime. Two of four primates survived when they were given the chemical one day after infection, and then the antibody cocktail four days later. In order for a treatment to be useful against the five types of Ebola viruses or their cousin, the Marburg virus, it must be something that can enhance survival when given days after infection, which is when cases would typically come to light.”

 Read more here

(Image: The easily recognizable ebola virus’ distinct, filamentous morphology, via CDC)

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