Scientists Prove MERS in Camels

Scientists have finally been able to prove that the MERS-CoV also infects camels. Gene sequencing of the virus proved the existence of same strains in humans and three dromedary camels in Qatar.

Chicago Times – “The study, published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal on Tuesday, confirms preliminary findings released by Qatari health officials last month. Camels are used in the region for meat, milk, transport and racing. But the researchers cautioned it is too early to say whether the camels were definitely the source of the two human cases – in a 61-year-old man and then in a 23-year-old male employee of the farm – and more research is needed. ‘This is definitive proof that camels can be infected with MERS-CoV, but based on the current data we cannot conclude whether the humans on the farm were infected by the camels or vice versa,’ said Bart Haagmans of Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Centre, who led the study with other Dutch and Qatari scientists.”

Read more here.

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